Picture by Ahmed Taha


LARAKHOURY was born out of the desire to break and redefine the boundaries of the fixed and the given. The truth that radiates once we’ve expressed ourselves unapologetically, is a liberation from the constraining, and an empowerment that sets us free. It carves way for each to manifest their own truth and embody their Heightened Sense of Being.

Through fabric, cuts and layers, LARAKHOURY deconstructs and reinterprets the human silhouette, allowing each piece to fall freely on the body, and the fabric to act in its natural form. Unexpected folds, fluid drapes, asymmetrical cuts, all inspired by the state of imperfection, impermanence, and incompletion of all known things in the world. The LK philosophy that is derived from the love of the fragmented, ephemeral, and naturally unperfected, and an appreciation of a transient state of everything natural, including and especially you.

As catalysts to engage this humanly transience, LARAKHOURY ready-to-wear for women and men, bespoke pieces, and DIY patterns transmit the confidence for you to appear to the world as you are, unconfined by any givens, and undefined by any norms. LARAKHOURY stands for the outright courageous and unapologetic. In LK pieces, you are prompt to become the boundless, the fearless, the uninhibited and unconstrained.