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Lara Khoury’s ready-to-wear line, is a bold and conceptual exploration into the antithesis of conformity.

Incarnations of a female protagonist are realized through strong shapes and engulfing volumes, challenging traditional notions of a passive ideal. Exaggerated flounces of fabric combine with sleek silk to cast wonder-inducing silhouettes. In outerwear, oversized cuts in unconventional fabrics create freedom and fluid movement, while expert draping conjures capacious skirts that billow with emancipating lightness. Every look crafted carries with it the designer’s signature sense of occasion.

With rebellion at its heart and boundless creativity in its soul, LK stands for freedom and self-confidence.


LK Man draws upon the immutable spirit of youth and stimulates its presence on a sartorial level. Dressing—an intimate practice steeped with opportunity to reimagine the self—is encouraged to become more conscious, more creative, and more daring.

A diversity of renowned faces from the Lebanese society have been brought together, each imparting their own style and idosyncrasies to a self-styled photoshoot. From writer to winemaker, each individual asserts a distinctive flair uniquely his own. But members of this collective hold one thing in common: a desire to wear on the outside what is passionately ablaze on the inside.

LK Man gives today's subject the freedom to craft a facade that is congruent with his sole complexity. Confident colours and cuts feature on slim-fit suit jackets, while minimal fastenings, shorter sleeves, and unconventional collars offer a youthful and modern styling. LK Man is for the affirmation of self through style.


Lara Khoury’s bridal line is a bold affirmation of unity. A collection that celebrates true expression of faith, men’s suits and women’s gowns embody symbiotic harmony.

Suits are constructed using exceptional quality wool and traditional tailor’s techniques. At the heart of its structure is a play on proportion: classic suit ratios are renounced for modern Man, for whom shorter sleeves and hems are individualistic distinctions. Subtle sheen speaks of sophistication, to aptly mark the occasion of a lifetime.

Carefully crafted to embolden the essence of Woman, sculptural gowns intensify an understated but knowing beauty. Feather-light layers of luxury organza create statuesque silhouettes in ivory white. Sumptuous silk pleats speak of elegant taste and gentle grace – A spectacular balance of regal finery and rebellious spirit.

For the trailblazers and visionaries who dare to envisage life beyond boundaries.