Picture by Elie Khoury

LK Practices

LARAKHOURY's ethos embraces sustainability at every thread. With mindful intention, our designs come to life while leaving a gentle imprint on the environment. Through our zero waste initiative and dedication to Slow Fashion, we sculpt garments that are a testament to conscientious creation. We meticulously curate ethically sourced materials, handpick eco-friendly elements, and cultivate a harmony between conscious craftsmanship and fashion's allure.

In the heart of our brand, sustainability pulses at its core. Each package is a canvas of eco-conscious choice, enveloping our pieces in reusable fabric totes and garment bags. Even our ocean-bound plastics are certified and biodegradable, a testament to our unwavering commitment.

In this seamless integration of fashion and empathy, LARAKHOURY crafts a narrative that extends beyond style. With every stitch, we nurture not only the empowerment of individuals but also the preservation of our planet's future.