What will become of us?

Since the beginning of my voluntary quarantine, life has changed beyond recognition. Far from familiar faces and friends, the daily routine, all plans I had carefully set out for myself now lay suspended in purgatory.

The longer the pandemic stretches out for, the heavier the toll from social distancing, the darker our moods, the lower our energy levels, and the more dangerous the downward spiral, the vicious circle.

I am secluded in my childhood home, with my parents, and memories of a more care-free, innocent time lurks in every corner. It is ironic that the most peaceful place I know and cherish, home, now feels like a prison. I try to be as productive as possible and stay active, and some days are easier than others. For the first time in modern history, everyone on the planet is sharing the same humbling human experience. Everyone can empathize. I try to remember that whenever I feel especially gloomy. I try to remember I am not alone in this loneliness, conspiring to keep the spark alive. We are all connected in this self-imposed distance, we are all surrounded by each other.

2020 was going to be a year jam packed full of exciting adventures and beautiful encounters. Even though we may have started on the wrong footing, my constant urge to find happiness gives me something to hold on to. The urge is still here, I can feel it. 


One thing I know for sure, is that nothing will be the same again; surely this is a wake-up call for humanity? Surely the way we interact with other humans, species, the way we travel and perceive the world have to change. But will we open our eyes to what truly matters this time? Covid19 has forced us to give the environment a fleeting chance to heal, but will we give it a more permanent chance and change the way we behave, and consume? Will we finally understand the collective impact of our individual actions and its far-reaching consequences?

I can’t help but wonder how the crisis is shaping and changing global industries today, particularly the fashion industry, a number one culprit when it comes to pollution and waste. How will demand patterns change, and how quickly will supply respond to those changes? Current mode is survival of the fittest: will the international brand powerhouses prevail or will the nimble and clever dictate the future of our industry?

We have been forced to slow down, just as we were hitting warp speed. So why not make the most of it? Introspection to understand and heal, slowing down to connect, simplifying down to what matters the most. Finding hope even in the bleakest of situations.

This too shall pass. It is how we emerge the other end that counts.


I’ve always dreamt of having a blog, I guess this quarantine life is not so bad after all. It will be my way to stay connected, share with you my inspirations and reflections, and update you on my latest.

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Since the start of my quarantine, I’ve virtually attended 3 live concerts, a rave, and have taken yoga flow classes all the way from Melbourne. I am grateful for the connections we are making throughout the world.

Here are some of my top quarantine picks:

🎸 Kozo Band, a math-rock/post-rock quintet from Lebanon.
🎭 The Poetry Pot, a Beirut based poetry collective.
🎬 Sex Education , a British comedy-drama web television series on Netflix.
🍆 Wild Flower, a Sexual Wellness Boutique in New York, shipping worldwide.
📙 The God of Small Things, a Novel by Arundhati Roy.
📻 Yamakan, communal radio station that began in Bethlehem and Ramallah, and aims to extend to other places in Palestine, Beirut and throughout the world.

I hope this first article of my journal forged a connection.
Until next time, stay safe, stay home, stay healthy, and keep connecting.

From Beirut with Love,
Lara Khoury