LK Secrets of Survival

Three months ago, we were fighting for a better country and a better tomorrow. Today, our fight has gone above and beyond what only a few months ago was deemed an impossible task. Our own health, our parents’, our grandparents’, is on the line. The timing of the pandemic could not have been worse, and its toll on our beloved country is heavy. Far too heavy.

The collective battle is ongoing, but the individual battles we fight each and every day are in some ways, as important. We are all, together alone, rebelling for our sanity and our health, our wellbeing have suddenly become a priority. I see examples of people adapting to the New Normal each and every day. I on the other hand, have thrown myself into the simple pleasures of nature. Acceptance they say, is the fifth and final step, after denial, anger, depression, and bargaining… and I am happy to say I have come to accept and embrace my fate and my future – whatever that might be. Nature has helped deal with the chaos and uncertainty, and has helped me find balance.

I consider myself lucky to be in isolation in such a beautiful country. I’ve worked so hard for most of the last decade, I don’t think I was ever able to take a real summer holiday. My work schedule was particularly overwhelming in the summer season, and this left me frustrated as happiness always felt at arm’s length. That is one of the main reasons why I have today relocated to my maternal hometown in the north of Lebanon: Batroun, one of the most picturesque coastal towns inhabited by equally lovely people. I’m so grateful for Lebanon and her beauty.

I’ve always dreamt of living in the Golden ages of Lebanon in the 50’s. To see Lebanon thrive, flourish and shine would have been… a dream.

LK Golden, my Spring 2018 collection, pays tribute to those Golden ages. The collection captures the glowing spirits, flashy attitudes and hopeful souls of the Golden ages protagonists. Inspired by Hashem El Madani’s work both visually and conceptually, I attempted to resuscitate through fabric, texture and colour, the immortal essence of that era. I relished every moment spent working on this collection.

The world may not be well, and the future may not be certain, but I still believe better days will come. Looking back at the Golden days has made me hopeful of looking forward. New beginnings are nigh, I can feel it.

For the launch of my new project the Secrets of Survival, I’ve decided to showcase the Golden ages again precisely for that reason.

Revisiting to dream, wishing the past to present.

LK Golden shot by Vladimir Antaki

Soon to be relaunched on

LKSOS is a DIY Sewing Kit. It’s a fashion forward project setting the basis for sustainable creative liberation and fashion autonomy.

The Secrets of Survival is inspired by the incredible resilience of the human spirit and the tireless resistance of the human mind. When faced with creative oppression, we learn how to dream alone. When faced with economic repression, we learn how to fight with tools to create our own world.

LKSOS is my attempt to empower you to continue your personal revolution through self-expression. Every pattern is open to interpretation, allowing you to create your own pieces using my work as a launchpad. Every note and instruction in the kit is passing down a framework, a state of mind that you can adopt and carry on your own journey of self-expression.

This project is my way of supporting you to create irrespective of your economy, express irrespective of trends, and live irrespective of your limitations, the true meaning of freedom.


These are my Secrets; a framework set for you to absorb, and a guidance tailored for your creative discretion.
Follow the Grain Lines and give birth to your own fashion looks.

From Batroun with Love,
Lara Khoury