The Return

A few years ago, I packed a couple of bags for light travel. There was no north star, only an urge to break the fear of uncertainty. Two years on the road, embracing purple hearts and shedding blue fears. 


I always believed that garments, in the most simple of ways, are material portals to the true beauty of human nature. On the 4th of August 2020, in one strike of fate, all material fell apart, all too fast.

I’ve been working with material my whole life. Fabric, linens, zippers, scissors, mannequins, measuring tapes, hanging tapes, cutting boards, sewing machines, pins, more pins, seams, thimbles, iron boards, sketch boards, pencils, coloring pencils, a desk, a chair, an office… that was my first reflection when it all disintegrated.


So I took to the road and plunged into the vast ocean. On the surface, I was heading where the wind carries, embracing the colors, tuning the sounds, and imprinting the textures. Inside I was trying to find my place within a chaotic world. I had two reflections throughout my journey: I was happy I could trust myself. That I had mustered the will to brave through the storm; And I’m forever grateful that I’m not alone - anywhere I go. 


All these palettes, I weaved into my making. All the newfound companions are part of my return. And now I'm back!

I’m very excited to be back and sharing what I’ve been working on, starting with this self-affirming chapter, 
the Resolute Collection. It is an homage to the bittersweet and the familiar fantasy - now up on my website. 

This collection is very precious as it holds pieces of my past, repurposed and retouched for finer days. This one is for you and your brave heart… wherever you are. 

Shop Liberated. Shop Resolute. 


With love,
Lara Khoury