The workshop of Lara Khoury is an undertaking to mirror the spirit and essence of Beirut, to capture and present to the world this crossroads city of civilizations, beliefs, styles and trends.

Beirut is an eclectic city, unique in its ethnic make-up and powerful in its amalgam of diversity. Lara Khoury's workshop is a dedication to the inspirational and aspirational capital.

Crafted from scratch by Cynthia Zahar, a spatial designer working with no limits, the workshop is an extension of Lara Khoury – her home and second skin. The space is inhabited by old doors and windows, industrial materials and modern surfaces, abridging Beirut’s heart and offering it to everyone who visits the workshop. It uses contrasts to emphasize peaceful co-existence: hot materials such as fabric and wood share the space with cold elements of steel, iron and glass. The dynamic hybrid encourages constant flow of energy and motion, and can transform and evolve itself to follow each step of the creative process.

Ultimately, the workshop is a living demonstration of Lara’s world; a life composed of mixtures and juxtapositions, deconstructions, inspirations, possibilities and freedom. It is Lara’s recognition and hopeful celebration of Beirut.