LK Man draws upon the immutable spirit of youth and stimulates its presence on a sartorial level. Dressing—an intimate practice steeped with opportunity to reimagine the self—is encouraged to become more conscious, more creative, and more daring.

A diversity of renowned faces from the Lebanese society have been brought together, each imparting their own style and idosyncrasies to a self-styled photoshoot. From writer to winemaker, each individual asserts a distinctive flair uniquely his own. But members of this collective hold one thing in common: a desire to wear on the outside what is passionately ablaze on the inside.

LK Man gives today's subject the freedom to craft a facade that is congruent with his sole complexity. Confident colours and cuts feature on slim-fit suit jackets, while minimal fastenings, shorter sleeves, and unconventional collars offer a youthful and modern styling. LK Man is for the affirmation of self through style.