Lara Khoury’s ready-to-wear line, is a bold and conceptual exploration into the antithesis of conformity.

Incarnations of a female protagonist are realized through strong shapes and engulfing volumes, challenging traditional notions of a passive ideal. Exaggerated flounces of fabric combine with sleek silk to cast wonder-inducing silhouettes. In outerwear, oversized cuts in unconventional fabrics create freedom and fluid movement, while expert draping conjures capacious skirts that billow with emancipating lightness. Every look crafted carries with it the designer’s signature sense of occasion.

With rebellion at its heart and boundless creativity in its soul, LK stands for freedom and self-confidence.


LK Eudemonia, the 2019 Woman collection

Referencing a central concept in Aristotelian philosophy, the Eudemonia collection prompts a refresher on human purpose and pursuit in order to propel society towards living authentically. The conception of Eudemonia alleges personal excellence and lasting happiness to be mankind’s purpose, the attainment of which requires cultivation of personal strength and contribution to the greater good. 

Inspiration developed as a natural response to the incongruous way many live life today, particularly through the rose-tinted lenses of social media. Through this medium we are confronted by a barrage of personas living beautiful but imposturous lives. From conspicuous filters and extreme retouching to the simple cherry-picking of content, we all appear somewhere on the spectrum of deception. The irony of these actions is delivered perniciously through the erosion of our sense of self, integrity and happiness. So, in retort, Eudemoniapresents an appeal to stay conscious, to bare the real self and to pursue true virtue.

The cornerstone colors of the collection are white, beige, pink, and red, conveying the natural colors of the body and the urge to go back to basics. Yellow ochre connotes the deceit of masking oneself but also the hope for clarity. The brand’s signature techniques are evident through volume, molding, and unfinished details. The feeling of lightness prevails to match the season and the theme of being unconcealed.


LK Iolanda, The 2018 Woman Collection

Iolanda is designed in tribute to the resilient woman behind the façade of singer-actress Dalida, who juggled the outward image of a superstar with the concealed reality of her unbearable loneliness and anguish. Iolanda led a seemingly fortunate life, but beneath this beautiful existence brewed distress and torment, induced by several failed relationships and a number of heartbreaking suicides within her close circle. Iolanda herself, agonized by solitude and sorrow, also succumbed to suicide. 

The collection deals with the duality of Iolanda’s life by bringing together elements of disparity and creating unexpected contrasts. It incorporates the brand’s signature volume constructions but with a softer edge and more unrestricted flow. 

Half of the collection’s color palette is formed of turquoise and peacock in high-sheen finishes that reflect Dalida’s radiance, slick image, and association with disco. The other half provides a more muted mix of copper-rose, peach, golden yellow, and salmon pink, the matte finishes of which express the normalcy Iolanda craved. Soft textures sit beside coarse ones, juxtaposing the imagined smoothness of her life with the real roughness she endured. Molding, draping and folding techniques gather excess fabric about the body as if providing solace and a shell to hide within. Stiff and cramped folds reveal the complications and tensions in Iolanda’s life, and asymmetry and raw edges symbolize instability and her coming undone. All the while, the flowing movement of garments upholds the illusion of Dalida’s liberating life.